See what Shawna's students are saying...

Shawna came to our golf club, CordeValle, and won everyone over immediately. She is an incredible golf teacher, a force of positive energy, and a joy to be with. She developed a large following of ladies who attended the weekly clinics and private lessons. I will always cherish my time with Shawna and the many golf skills I learned.
— Pam M.
Golf has become an enjoyable pastime for me now. Although I am by no means a top-notch player, I can now go and play with friends and tackle different courses with a decent game and more importantly a positive attitude. I recently played a round of golf with my brother, and he commented on how impressed he was by the improvement in my game in just one year. I attribute that improvement to Shawna’s ability to provide me with a better understanding of golf mechanics, an ability to troubleshoot problems, and a much better mental outlook on what was once just an exercise in frustration for me. She has a rare ability as a coach and teacher, and I would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat.
— Melinda N.
I had the pleasure of meeting Shawna Elliott as our golf instructor for a ladies clinic. It was truly a gift for all us to learn from such a mature, grounded yet fun teacher. Not only did she set a solid foundation for us in the fundamentals of the game of golf, but she taught us a more “zen-like” belief in ourselves. Don’t let stress overtake the game!

One of my most cherished friendships developed from spending time with Shawna. She is truly a unique young lady that we all respected immensely. I’m very grateful to have been introduced to this sport from a talented and rising mentor such as Shawna.
— Barb K.
It has been my pleasure to work with Shawna as my golf coach for both private lessons and in her weekly women’s golf clinic. I have found Shawna to be extremely knowledgable about the fundamentals of golf, and very adept at assessing what my swing and game needs to improve. She knows how to motivate me and how to make it fun while we are working on my game. It has been wonderful working with her and I feel like my game will progress much faster now she has helped me.
— Patty F.
I worked side by side with Shawna for many years. She has an unparalleled passion for helping golfers improve both in golf and in functional movement. She keeps it simple and golfers of many levels will quickly see why she is rising star in golf instruction.
— Jon Horner, Director of Instruction
I have been golfing for years and feel that I can always improve my golf game. It is a challenging game and is a lot of fun when you hit the ball correctly.

Shawna has the ability to see what I am doing and make the necessary corrections in my posture, grip, stance and direction so that I can hit the ball farther and be confident in my game. She keeps it SIMPLE with a few main techniques that I can focus on each and every shot. I have greatly improved both my long and short game. She knows how to teach in a way that is positive, fun and very effective so that when I go out and play I have certain things I do every time I setup to the shot. For anyone wanting to learn the game of golf I would recommend Shawna for her knowledge, professionalism and ability to teach in a way that is not intimidating.
— Theresa R.
One of the best decisions I have made was working with Shawna Elliott to learn, then improve, my golf game. Shawna is a wonderful teacher. She not only has a thorough knowledge of the game and how to play your best, but she brings patience and clarity to her instructions and through her constructive criticism. She is engaging and makes learning fun, thereby improving your game while enjoying every minute!
— Nancy